In 2015 we invited eleven Spanish fashion designers to collaborate with Las Manuelas. This is how the Los Manolos collective was born.

The result is a striking collection of 11 scarves, an eclectic series of eleven different designs that tells the story of an exciting collaboration between young creatives in Spain and eleven alpaca artisans from the high Andean region of Puno in Peru.


Los Manolos is a collective of fashion designers based in Madrid, Spain.
Las Manuelas is a collective of alpaca herders and artisans based in Mazocruz, Perú.

John Eccles, Tíscar Espadas, Manuela Fidalgo, Blanca Gomara, Victor Gosalvéz, Helena Juara, Julen Linde, Lidia Muro, Christian Quijorna, Claudia Signori, María de Zavala.

Gloria Isabel Acero Pacoticona, Francisca Cahuapaza Mamani, Eusebia Callacondo Almanza, María Vanessa Cruz Alanoca, Sebastiana Gutierrez Gutierrez,Doris Sonia Gutierrez Tarqui, Marleny Marisol Gutierrez Tuyo, Elia Tuyo Pacoticona, Ruth Fanny Huancapaza Paredes, Herminia Percca Calizaya, Paulina Tarqui Pacoticona.

Thanks to the support of the institutions Movimiento Manuela Ramos, PromPeru, Premiere Classe Paris, HP France / Concento Tokyo, IED and MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Lima, for the presentations of this project held in Paris, Lima, Tokyo and Osaka.