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When the personal data is obtained through the on-line store Form or by subscribing a Newsletter or other forms that may be enabled on the Web Site due to its activities, it shall be necessary for the user to provide at least the data marked with an asterisk, as if such data considered necessary is not provided, Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L. may not accept and manage the web service or queries submitted by the user.

The personal data we process through the Web Site shall only be used for the following purposes:

  • Periodically send our electronic bulletins with news related to the activity by Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L.
  • Prepare anonymous statistical reports regarding access habits and user activity on the Web Site.
  • Compliance with the obligations legally established.
  • Management of electronic commerce area.

Under no circumstance shall we carry out any of the following actions in relation to the personal data we are provided by users of the Web Site:

  • Assign them to other persons or entities without your prior consent.
  • Transfer them to other States without your prior consent.

The user guarantees that the data provided is true, exact, complete and up to date, being responsible for any damage or loss, either direct or indirect, that it may be caused as a consequence of breach of that obligation. In the event of the data produced belonging to a third party, the user guarantees that it has informed that third party of the aspects contained in this document and has obtained their authorisation to provide their data to Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L. for the purposes stated.

The data you provide shall be kept for the contractual period in force between yourself and Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L. and, once that period has concluded, the data shall be destroyed.

One of the purposes for which we process the personal data provided by the users is to send you electronic communications with information on news regarding the users.

Whenever we issue any such communication, it shall be addressed solely and exclusively to the users who have previously and specifically authorised receipt thereof.

Pursuant to the terms established in Act 34/2002, of 11th July, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, in the event of users no longer wishing to receive commercial or promotional correspondence from Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L, they may unsubscribe from the service by sending an e-mail to the following electronic mail address:, or use the link provided for that purpose in the actual correspondence.

Data portability
We inform you that the only cloud computing service we use is Google Drive, the privacy of the conditions of which you may consult on the following link:

Claims before the controlling body
We inform you that you are entitled to file a denunciation or claim if you consider that your data is being used incorrectly, before the Controller Authority, which is the Spanish Data Protection Agency, that has its registered office at C/ Jorge Juan nº 6, 28001, Madrid.

Behaviour monitoring and non-tracking signals
Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L. may use data compiling technologies to obtain information on your on-line activities and third party web sites, or other behaviour monitoring services. Consult our Cookies Policy for more information.

Privacy of minors
Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L. takes special care to protect minors’ privacy. Our web sites are intended for the general public. We do not allow minors under 16 years old to register, nor do we store personal data of users who are minors under 16 years old.

Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L. may amend the terms and conditions stipulated herein, fully or partially, publishing any change in the format in which these conditions of use are displayed, or through any kind of communication addressed to the users.

The term of these conditions for use thus coincides with the time they are displayed, until they are totally or partially amended, at which moment the amended conditions for use shall come into force.

Regardless of the terms set forth in the particular conditions established where appropriate, Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L. may terminate, suspend or interrupt access to the content of the web site at any time and without the need for prior notice, without the user having the possibility to demand any compensation whatsoever. After such extinction, the prohibitions on use of the content stated above in these conditions of use shall remain in force.

To these ends, Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L. reports that it may notify and collaborate appropriately with the competent police and judicial authorities if any breach of the laws in force is detected, or if it suspects that any criminal offence is committed.

In the event of any provision of these Conditions of Use being declared null or inapplicable, fully or partially, by any Court, Tribunal or competent administrative Board of Directors, said nullity or failure to apply shall not affect the remaining provisions of these Conditions for Use.

Not exercising or enforcing any right or provision contained in these conditions for use by Inerdi Studio Creativo, S.L. shall not constitute a renunciation thereof, except for recognition and written agreement by it.

Applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction
As long as the regulations in force for the purpose foresee the possibility of the parties submitting to a specific jurisdiction, the Spanish legislation in force at the time of litigation shall apply for all matters of litigation arising from or related to this web site, and we shall submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, as well as, where appropriate, the Consumer Arbitration Tribunals or similar to which we have adhered at the moment of the controversy arising.